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A guide to Infrastructure and Corruption

A guide to Infrastructure and Corruption

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A guide to Infrastructure and Corruption by Alejandro Cartagena

“In A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption, urban infrastructure is a gear of political power. Its aim is to conquer the territory of the city and hold dominion over certain city relationships.
Public space is more than just a polygon delineated by coordinates, it is a factory of social realities. There would be nothing problematic about
this power if it weren’t exclusive. Those who build the city exercise a regulatory power over our mindset and our everyday experience. The
rhythms that regulate our hours, “our place” in society and the type of roads we take on our daily commute are manifestations of this control.” Ximena Peredo

Limited Edition Hardcover of 450 Copies
Special Slipcase Edition (w/ 2 Prints) of 50 Copies
Book concept by Alejandro Cartagena
Design by Éanna de Fréine, Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Edited by Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Texts by Ximena Peredo
Prepress by La Troupe
Printed in Taiwan
Published by The Velvet Cell
192 pp / 140 x 210 mm
Hardcover, Tape-Bound
Four Colour Offset

© Alejandro Cartagena for the images
© Ximena Peredo for the texts
© Authors for archive images
© The Velvet Cell for this edition 2017

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