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Before the War 1st Edition

Before the War 1st Edition

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Before the War 1st Edition by Alejandro Cartagena

“In terms of book form, “Before the War” is not one cohesive “book” but rather a splintering of signatures, a splintering of narrative; a book broken up into pieces with an equally disjointed story. The photographs within are suggestive of the people and places affected by the drug war in Mexico. Yet the more information we are presented with, the less we seem to understand. This experience parallels the confusion of citizens living amongst it. Cartagena adds his perspective and leaves us questioning; What do we truly know? Who do we believe? What is really going on?” Larissa Leclair for TIME

Publication date 2015 / 30 x 23.5cm  / 600g
5 booklets, 102 pages, 1 poster, 1 postcard
5 (8×10) inkjet prints in box
Texts by César Valdez
Edition of 11, no ISBN
Edited by Fernando Gallegos
Design concept by Alejandro Cartagena and Fernando Gallegos
Editorial Design by Roberto Salazar
Published by Alejandro Cartagena
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