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Carpoolers #1 Special edition w/ print

Carpoolers #1 Special edition w/ print

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Carpoolers Special edition By Alejandro Cartagena, w/ (8×10 inches) inkjet print in box

Description:”Inside Cartagena’s tightly framed photographs, only thin clouds, visible as reflections, hint at the complex environment in which this scenario plays out day after day for the carpoolers. To get a sense of their perspective as this project neared completion, Cartagena climbed into the bed of a pickup truck with his camera one Sunday morning. With their disorienting, diagonal lines and indistinct, partial glimpses, the images he made contrast starkly with the controlled uniformity characteristic of the principal series”.—Claudi Carreras

Hardcover, 112 pages, Offset printing
Printed in Mexico at Offset Santiago
Published by Alejandro Cartagena
Publication date, 2014 / 22 X 33.5cm / 1Kg
Hardcover with cut out, 112 pages, Offset printing
Edition of 40, ISBN 9780692226605
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