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El Casting

El Casting

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El Casting by Studio Cartagena

Unique Box with 30 analog transparencies, 1 poster and booklet

Description: “Because the female nude is classically considered a pillar in refined culture, particularly when portrayed in oil paintings, producers such as Guillermo Calderón came to the conclusion that “high art” simulacrum was the ideal cliché to rely on in order to boost ticket sales without losing mainstream consumers. As seen from a western standpoint, art history dictates that a woman’s body is not to be represented as naked or active in sexual pleasure if it is to hang from respectable walls. The same rule applied to cinema at the time, explaining why a variety of fictional male painters and their attractive models were eagerly written into corny scripts.” Ana Cadena Payton

Boxes by: Omar L. Mendoza
Printed by: Alejandro Cartagena
Staff: Fernando Gallegos, Iván García
Scripts, songs and posters from the movies: Diana La Cazadora, El Seductor, Esposas Infieles, La Ilegítima, La virtud Desnuda,
La Fuerza del Deseo
© Images and texts of the Authors
Published 2020
Printed in Monterrey, Mexico
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