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Por lo que Peleamos/ What we fight for

Por lo que Peleamos/ What we fight for

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Por lo Que Peleamos by Alejandro Cartagena

“Space is the new arena for political debate. Within space, disagreement takes shape and ideologies, authoritarianism and democracy come to life. Its importance does not lie on a post-colonial kind of control over land, but on the fact that it creates, or rather recreates, certain links. As a result, rather than referring to a location that we can pinpoint with coordinates or to the concept of location, space, as Henri Lefebvre puts it, is a three-dimensional entity, it is concrete matter –here- and it is an idea – what here means-, but, above all, it is a social practice – what I do here. Thus, when talking about conflicts over a certain space there is much more than a mere fight over a piece of land. Deep down, disagreements are based on the type of link that we want to create with a certain place. In that sense, by defending a certain space we are exercising our right to create realities.” Ximena Peredo

Newspaper concept by Alejandro Cartagena
3000 copies given away during the FEMSA Bienal 2016 as part of
the exhibition “Poéticas del decrecimiento. ¿Cómo vivir mejor con menos?”.
Curated by Willy Kautz and Leo Marz
Design by Ana Briseño, Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Edited by Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Printed in Mexico at Milenio Newspaper printing press
© Alejandro Cartagena for the images
© Alejandro Cartagena for this edition 2016
© Ximena Peredo for the Text
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