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Santa Barbara Shame on US / Special edition

Santa Barbara Shame on US / Special edition

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50 Special editions. Includes 2 signed and numbered C-prints

Book concept by Alejandro Cartagena

Description: "Alejandro’s second volume, Santa Barbara Shame on US of the Santa Barbara series is a continuation, not a re-mix of the first edition published last year. It is solid. It implies horror and the crumbling cake of Americana..."Brad Feuerhelm for Photobookstore books of 2017

Design by Milo Montelli and Alejandro Cartagena
Cover design and lettering by Valentina Casali
Edited by Cristina Kennington, Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Introduction by Jonathan Blaustein
Prepress by Salvatore Santoro
Printed in Italy
ISBN 978-88-94895-05-6

© Alejandro Cartagena for the images
© Jonathan Blaustein for the introduction
© Authors for archive images
© Skinnerboox for this edition 2017

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