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Special Edition Santa Barbara Return Jobs Back to US

Special Edition Santa Barbara Return Jobs Back to US

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First edition published by Skinnerboox of 50 published + 50 Special editions with 2 signed and numbered C-prints
Book concept by Alejandro Cartagena

Description: “…Through this narrative Cartagena conjures the sense of a place, which has the air of an ambiguous borderland, a porous place where culture and people flow. Whether it is between north or south, or past and present, is difficult to say. It is a place where the idea of concrete identities, nationalities and strictly delineated borders seem like a nostalgic dream or a relicfrom the past superseded by a new and very different reality – a place where the topography is treacherous, the present uncertain, and the future, even more so”. LEWIS BUSH for 1000 Words

Design by Milo Montelli and Alejandro Cartagena
Cover design and lettering by Valentina Casali
Edited by Cristina Kennington, Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Introduction by Jonathan Blaustein
Prepress by Salvatore Santoro
Printed in Italy
ISBN 978-88-941341-2-4

© Alejandro Cartagena for the images
© Jonathan Blaustein for the introduction
© Authors for archive images
© Skinnerboox for this edition 2016

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